Apr 21, 2011

Sword Brethren, a follow up.

Now, I know that before I said that Sword Brethren weren't a good idea. But I've had a change of heart. Now, they still cannot compete with Terminators but there's a good reason for that. Nothing can compete with Terminators (except perhaps an over-priced Techmarine, but that is for a different post). But the reason to take Sword Brethren is for their greater abilities in close combat than Crusader Squads. The time to take them is instead of CC Crusader Squads when you haven't purchased many Neophytes. That way you can equip them with Lightning Claws and a Meltagun, put them in a transport, and you have a reliable close combat threat. Again, not as good as Terminators but for the price of 2 Terminator Squads you can have 3 Sword Brethren. And 3 Sword Brethren providing a close combat shield for the rest of your army is worth looking at. But still, generally, they are a poor choice.

That's all for now. Sometime in the next week I'll try and get a list up to look at.

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