Sep 25, 2011

Fighting Company Devjon. Fluff Outline.


  • Einen, Castellan.
  • Devjon, Sergeant.
  • Genrik, Company Champion.
  • Valus, Initiate.
  • Rakmar, Initiate.
  • Heidal, Initiate.
  • Jaeron, Techmarine.

The Njesta Crusade. Mission: A Warp Beacon is allowing the Traitor Forces to teleport units around the city, making it impossible to take advantage of any weak points. Drop into the city, find the Beacon, ‘improve’ it to kill those it teleports.

  • The Squad Drops into the City and escorts Jaeron to the Warp Beacon through sporadic traitor resistance.
  • The Warp Beacon is found but, while Jaeron is making changes, traitors attack the squad and Einen is slain defending the Techmarine. Devjon takes command and makes plans to wait for the rest of the Templars to breach the wall.
  • Heidal and Rakmar refuse to accept Devjon’s plan and head off to fight the traitors.
  • The wall is breached, Devjon’s Squad joins with the rest of the Templar Forces and, after two more days of city fighting, the siege is finally won.
  • During the rest of the Njesta Crusade, Devjon distinguishes himself and is promoted to replace his Castellan. Valus is also promoted to the status of Reclusiarch to maintain the zeal in Devjon’s new Company. Heidal and Rakmar are never found and reported Missing in Action.
  • Following the end of the Crusade, the Inquisition begins its examinations of the members of the Crusade due to their apparent failure at training a loyal Chapter for the Emperor. For security measures, certain Companies are separated from the main body of Initiates to better watch the whole. Fighting Company Devjon is one of those Companies and Inquisitor Krimelve is placed to watch over it.

The Second Garon Crusade, more commonly named the Unknown Crusade due to it never being officially reported. Cause: Fighting Company Devjon travels to the Sisters of Battle Conclave on the planet Glakus in the Garon Nebula only to find it under siege from a newly formed Daemon presence. Mission: Under the orders of Inquisitor Krimelve, the Company must defend the Sisters and eradicate the Daemon threat; he also forces the entire Company to take a strict Vow of Silence until the Battle is ended.

  • On the eve of attack, Genrik receives a vision from the Emperor portraying his death defending a one-armed Sister of Battle. Upon bringing this up with Reclusiarch Valus, he is proclaimed the Emperor’s Champion for the Crusade.
  • The entire Company drops down from orbit to identify target areas to be bombarded from space and to secure the safety of the Sisters.
  • Intense fighting ensues at close quarters with Daemons and, since no communication can be made due to the Vow of Silence, all organization breaks down. Due to their zeal to prove their loyalty to Krimelve, each Battle Brother attaches themselves to a Battle Sister to protect until the fighting is over; notably Genrik is protecting a Sister that lost her right arm earlier and is now unable to defend herself.
  • Devjon, Genrik, and Valus, with their charges find themselves fighting against Heidal and Rakmar, both of whom have given over to Chaos. During the early moments of the fight, the two traitors are blessed by the unholy powers they serve and ascend to become Daemon Princes.
  • Valus and Devjon distract Heidal while Genrik fights Rakmar. The Daemon throws Genrik to the ground and, laughing, grabs him up to tear him in half. At that moment, Genrik’s charge lifts up the Black Sword and feebly swings it into the Daemon’s side, causing him to drop Genrik and turn to her. He snatches her from the ground, roaring in anger. She drops the Black Sword and Genrik, fearing for her life, picks it up and stabs it into Rakmar’s chest. With a scream of agony and frustration, Rakmar, still clutching the one-armed Battle Sister, backs away as Heidal is finished off and the three Templars advance.
  • Meanwhile, Jaeron targets the source of the Warp’s influence and sends the co-ordinates to the ship, Dorn's Mercy, which in turn fires upon that spot and cleanses it. With their temporary link to the Warp broken, all of the Daemons that are left are sucked back through the crack in reality as it closes. Heidal’s body goes and is quickly followed by Rakmar, who still clutches the Battle Sister in his claw.
  • The Battle is finished and communications are re-implemented. The Company re-groups with what is left of the Sisters, who are now a shadow of their former numbers, only a few more in number than the Templars. Inquisitor Krimelve’s body is found torn in four pieces with a fully-loaded Bolter beside him and other dead Templars around him. The Conclave’s Prioress had been mortally wounded during the battle but was able to survive long enough to personally charge Devjon with overseeing the aftermath and the promotion of a new Prioress.
  • Devjon calls a meeting with all of the senior Templars and Sisters of the two groups. The Conclave’s building is in ruins and the Sister that would have been the next Prioress fell during the battle. He puts the question for those at the meeting to discuss and decide. Should the Company continue its mission to protect the Conclave, or give them small aid and then be off? After discussing for several hours, a decision is reached.
  • Devjon gives the decision that what remains of the sisters’ Conclave will be initiated into the Fighting Company until the end of the Crusade, but if even a single member out of them all is opposed to it, then they will find another solution.

Afterwards and Now.

  • Fighting Company Devjon travels around the Garon Nebula, dispensing the Emperor’s Justice and Mercy as needed, continuing the Second Garon Crusade until the source of the Warp-Rift is found and eliminated.
  • Genrik believes that he has failed in his duty to defend the One-armed Sister to the last by his own incapability and will not give up his Vow of Silence until he has found her and rescued her. He retains the belief that she yet lives and keeps an eye out for her wherever Warp presence is suspected.
  • The last two remaining Apothecaries for the Company have found a way to graft most of the implants into females, allowing not only those Sisters who fought in the Second Garon Crusade to join the ranks but also for the Company to recruit females, widening the number of possible Neophytes in the scarce population of the Garon Nebula.
  • In the spirit of their original intention, both newer and original Templar Sisters are placed in important positions only, such as heavy weapons duties. Few of the Sisters are deemed worthy of the augmentation and training, but the rest work in the background to maintain the armory and the ship.
  • No word of what has happened ever reaches higher authorities and, to their knowledge, Inquisitor Krimelve, who was secretive in nature, is still watching over the Company and keeping them in the area. This belief is greatly due to the efforts of Jaeron, the Company Techmarine, who hacked into Krimelve’s personal files and has replicated his routine reports perfectly.
  • Since their first encounter with the Warp-Spawn, Devjon's Fighting Company has found many clues of something ancient and hidden among the many worlds in the Nebula. Fragments of Black Power Armor, destroyed fortresses, and long hidden scars of warfare. These are things which cannot be explained by the histories kept by either the Black Templars or the Imperium in general.
EDIT: Whoops, forgot to mention. This is going to be my fluff for my Fighting Company for a while. Eventually I'll get around to writing it up in a novel format (yes, really) but that won't be for a long while. As you can probably guess what this will translate into is using SoB figures for things like my MM Initiates in my squads as well as random Bolter Initiates and maybe a few Plasma Gun Initiates. Beyond that, I have a couple of ideas, but nothing solid.


  1. So far, I like it. Not going to lie, I'm a fan of the tie-in to the Njesta Crusade. I might have to do some playing with my own fluff to link to yours. :)

  2. That would be awesome. I've actually gone a little farther than just fluff by incorporating certain details onto my Crusaders, such as gold Purity seals on any of my Sword Brethren and a Red tear-drop as the insignia on my Terminators. I should really figure out some special markings for those Initiates who have joined during my current Crusade, perhaps a Fleur-de-Lis or something.