Mar 3, 2012

Escalation League, 500 points

I know that in my reply to Algesan's comment on my last post I said something about what would be in the next post (this one) but I haven't finished writing that and something has come up.

I've signed up for an escalation league at my FLGS, what used to be called First Chance Last Chance Games but now is something like Who's Gaming House. It begins at 500 points and moves up by 500 points each month until it reaches 2,000 points. 3 games a month, which have to be scheduled by the players of each game to get together and play. Fortunately, there are no special missions or rules or anything, just rolling from the Rule Book. In the first month I'm against (in no particular order) Orks, Dark Eldar, and Dark Angels. That is this month and I have a game this Tuesday.

Each player is allowed only a single list each month, and I have to decide on one by this Tuesday (about 6pm). Now, I'm limited to what I have and 500 points, and even though I've drafted 3 500 point lists to try I want some input on the them.

First list: Drop Podding-

Castellan: Bolter, Power Weapon, Holy Orb, Frags; -92
Dreadnought: Assault Cannon, DCCW, Storm Bolter, Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers; Drop Pod; -143
Crusader Squad (5/4): Boltersx3, BP/CSx5, Flamer, Frag Grenades; Drop Pod; -165
Crusader Squad (5/1): Boltersx4, BP/CSx1, Missile Launcher; -100


Here I'm trying to take advantage of the two Drop Pods that I have and also trying to not simply have a foot list. Plus, the practical experience with the Drop Pods will help me to know when to pod in the units and when to start them on the board.

Second List: Terminators-

Castellan: Bolter, Power Weapon, Frags, Kraks, Auspex; -86
Terminator Command Squad (4): 2xCML, Tank Hunters; -228
Crusader Squad (5): Missile Launcher, Boltersx5; -90
Crusader Squad (5/1); Boltersx3, BP/CSx2, Flamer; -96


I made this list as an option because I wanted some way to use my Terminators and their Cyclones. But by doing so I really just make it a deathstar list. However, that much firepower keeps this list among the possibilities.

Third List: Hoofing It-

Castellan: Bolter, Holy Orb, Power Weapon; -91
Dreadnought: Assault Cannon, Missile Launcher, Smoke Launchers; -118
Crusader Squad (5/2): Boltersx2, BP/CSx3, Multi-Melta, Flamer; -116
Crusader Squad (5): Boltersx4, Missile Launcher; -90
Crusader Squad (5): Boltersx4, Heavy Bolter; -85


Here I'm just going full foot. A big bonus for this one is that it has 3 Troops which will help me in Objective games. Plus, with the Multi-Melta it has a reliable source of Anti-Land Raider that isn't melee or S9 based. So definitely a contender when taking a transport cuts way down on my firepower plus having two dedicated Objective Holders.

So what are people's thoughts? Stuff that I have that isn't on these lists is a Chaplain in Terminator Armor, a Techmarine (with Servo-Harness), another Terminator, another Heavy Bolter and maybe a couple of Initiates, in case any of those things would be better suited to being in any of the lists. Which one would be best? Are there any changes that should be made? Should I use something different than any of these (I don't know, maybe just one Drop Pod with Terminators or something)?

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  1. Well, I was hoping that someone would comment and say which one they would go with or something, but I suppose that after going for more than a month of inactivity I can't really demand much.

    I decided to go with the first list, because it is most like my end goal (see Primary lists link to the upper-right, the casual one) and was devoid of the problems of a Single Point of Failure and near-zero mobility.

    My first game really didn't go very well, partially due to the mission, partially due to my opponent's list, partially due to some poor rolls (namely involving Scatter), and partially due to my own mistake. If asked I can go over how the battle went, but for now I'll leave it as a loss. Not great, but at least I'm learning from my mistakes.

    In other news, I promise to put out a vassal-related article that I have been working on for about 2-3 months now. I'm almost done with it and tonight I'm going to finish and have it up tomorrow or the next day. Now I've promised it and I have to get it done. (I'll get back to that post I mentioned to Algesan soon, but this one has been waiting a bit longer.)