May 9, 2011

What's coming up and a rant.

Alright, in the next few weeks I will try to put up another list to go over, analyze the techmarine, and give my feelings on the Competitive vs. Casual war that's being raged. Until then, I am going to rant about a blog post that I read a while ago.

Now, I forget the blog's name but I read a few posts that it had put up. One was talking about how the author preferred Casual Play and Rules as Intended. It also mentioned that he thought that your preference concerning those helps to determine the other. Something like if you are competitive then you will prefer Rules as Written and vice verse.

Now, this isn't a blog that I agree with in many respects, but I thought that it would be good to get a more well-rounded influx of opinion. But then I read another post.

This other post was talking about a poll that had been done on the blog. It had four categories, Competitive and RAW, Competitive and RAI, Casual and RAW, etc. Now, this is not too bad, as far as polls go, but how he interpreted what it meant was what got me.

I forget what the numbers or order was but I know that Competitive and RAW was the lowest at something like 9% and then there was Competitive and RAI at 11%. He took this to mean that most players are Casual Players, and that most players prefer RAI. If you cannot understand why this is wrong you need to go and do some mental exercises, solve some Sudoku puzzles, and then take a short class on logic.

He had already made it clear what his preference was, and most of the time people don't read blogs that they disagree with. He assumed that he had gotten a perfect ratio of all 40k players. What the numbers meant were a demographic of his reader base. And not even a perfect one. He had a demographic of the players who read his blog and decided to post on his poll. Which means that it was probably weighted toward his most avid readers...Casual and RAI. People make a smaller complaint about RAW vs. RAI so of course he'll have Casual and RAW more than any Competitive group.

Argh, the Internet is full of stupid.

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