Dec 20, 2011

Neophyte Bob Wins! ...sorta.

Finally, we have a guess at the question of how many Heavy Weapons can you have in a Crusader Squad, by Neophyte Bob in the comments of the RAW vs. RAI article (two below this one). And he is right...mostly.

The mostly part is that if you take multiple Heavy Weapons on a guy the first thing your opponent is going to say is, "Cheater!", or something along those lines. Of course, you can point it out to him, but unless he is one of those who follow RAW closely, he probably isn't going to go along with it. On top of that, even though it is strictly allowed (as per poor-wording), it isn't very sportsman-like. It's kind of a gimmicky thing that could prove useful but is neither necessary nor friendly unless your opponent thinks that it is neat to have that option.

However he did nail all of the things I was looking for, though I would like to add two things. The first is that you can only fire one at a time, as per the main rules pg. 15 (you have no idea how hard it was to find that sentence that I knew was in there). So even though you may equip an Initiate with both a Lascannon and a Missile Launcher, he cannot fire both at a Rhino at the same time. However, what you can do is equip a model with a Multi-Melta (for great short-ranged Anti-Tank) and either a Lascannon (mid- to long-range Anti-Tank in a Shooty squad) or a Powerfist/Power Weapon (for an Assaulty squad). But again, unless you've got a casual opponent to play with (because I consider this to be one of those things you do in casual play, because then things are looser) who likes the idea of it, you probably shouldn't in practice.


On a different note, I have just recently joined the From The Warp blogger group, hoping that I might get some more readers and perhaps have some discussion in the comments once in a while (between more than just three of us). There should be the FTW image somewhere on the right before too long, and hopefully we'll get some more traffic through here.


  1. I would highly recommend going through House of Paincakes as well. :)

  2. I probably should, I've already gained something like 40 views more than normal.

  3. <fs> yay </fs>

    I meant to mention the one-at-a-time thing, but forgot...

    What was the other thing? Was it the only in casual thing?
    Have never tried this though, even in casual, being more of a RAI person...

    Of course if one was going to argue strict RAW for this, one had better have represented all the weapons on the model as per the GW sales increaser (wysiwyg) rule. That could be fun, though. Brings to mind the opening sequence from Worms Armageddon.

  4. I loved that game! Turn on the low-gravity, pull out a banana bomb with a 5 second timer and aim straight up. It wasn't a great strategy but man it looked cool!

    Anyway, the second thing was the set-ups that could actually be useful, but I probably could've worded that better. And you're right, I did forget to mention the WYSIWYG.

  5. Oh, I've avoided being rude about the Terminator Command, Command, Terminator, Assault and Bike squads. You know, where it tells you that "up to two (three for the bikes)...can be armed with a weapon from the following list at the cost indicated:..." (or similar variation).

    Okay, I'll take two Cyclone Launchers for 25 points total. I can use another 50 points elsewhere. This means you guys can give some weapons back to your Castellans in the DDP.

    FWIW, I'd let anyone I'm playing use that slick trick anytime they wanted to. Go ahead, spend all those points.

  6. You know, now that you mention it I remember looking at the codex one time (when I had just gotten it and had no clue what half of what I was reading actually said), and wondering "Does it mean 20 points for each Assault Cannon, or is that the total cost for two?". I eventually decided that it must be each (I'm not sure how, but I might have added up the points on a Cyclone Terminator unit in one of Marshal Learoth's lists and saw that the price was done twice, but regardless it technically makes more sense for it to be each).

    For my part, if they had a correctly equipped figure, I'd say go for it. You've put this much effort into it and it isn't game breaking so have fun.

  7. Hmmm, let me poke among my bitz. There is a painting category at Coastal Assault, so if I have the time. Hmmm, title it "The Well Equipped Initiate".

  8. You could even give him a catch-phrase.

    "Because you can never have enuff dakka."

    "At least I'm using my extra Chaos-granted arms in the Emperor's Name."

    "I may not have mastered my body, but at least I have mastered my codex options!"

    "Because they wouldn't let me carry Exterminatus."

    "What? You mean infantry don't have to worry about 'Weapon Destroyed' results?"

    "I'm sorry but I can't hear you over the sound of all my guns."

    "Have you seen Kyle? He's about this tall and I need him to carry all these Heavy Weapons."

    "Yo dawg I heard yo like Heavy Weapons, so I put some Heavy Weapons on yo Heavy Weapons so you can shoot tanks while you shoot tanks."

    Think of the possibilities!

  9. Hey Dawg! Wanna Bud! (Beer)

  10. No thanks, I'd rather have actual beer. XD