Mar 9, 2011

Battle Report 1. Orks.

Fighting Company Devjon was stationed near the southern border of Ultima Segmentum, in the Realm of Ultramar. They were going through exercises devised by the Ultramarines there and had just received their gear from the ship when the news came. From out of nowhere a hundred ork warships appeared in the sky and every available man was sent to his battle stations. There was a Waaaagh! to stop.

Castellan Devjon and his soldiers were stationed on the right flank of the force counter-attacking the ork's reserve forces. Success would mean the defenses would hold and so Devjon positioned aggressively to smite this threat. He had nearly a dozen initiates and a handful of sword brethren in Terminator armor, along with the company's dreadnought, Redemption. He placed half his Initiates with himself on the right side of a hill, the rest of the Initiates took their places on top of the hill with the Terminators and Dreadnought on the left.

Then they saw the orks. A Warboss with a squad of Nobz stood opposite from Devjon while a score of Boyz stood ready to rush the Terminators and a squadron of Deffkoptas could be seen off to the left, behind another hill.

Devjon rushed forward with his men; the Initiates on the hill opened fire upon half the boyz and, thanks to their missile Launcher, killed most of them, driving them from the field. The dreadnought and Terminators moved forward and caused the rest of the Boyz to fall back.

Some of the Boyz regrouped and shot back, doing little damage. The Warboss Charged forward, crashing headlong into Devjon's squad. They were too much, too terrible, Devjon fell back with only one of his Initiates, hoping to get some room and kill the beasts from a distance. The Deffkoptas fired upon the dreadnought and wrecked it.

The Terminators turned to help against the Warboss and, with some help from the Initiates on the hill, smashed into it.

The Deffkoptas began their barrage of the Black Templars, a barrage they kept up the rest of the battle. The Warboss killed the last of the Terminators, though not before all of his Nobz died, and moved closer to the last of the Initiates.

Devjon had the room he needed and turned around. The Initiates opened fire upon the Warboss and killed him. Then they shot at the Boyz and routed them as well.

The rest of the fight was simply the Deffkoptas firing and being fired at. But their Rokkit Launchas proved too strong to withstand and the Templar were routed. The Waaaagh! continued and more lives were lost.

I learned some important things in this battle. For one I learned how dangerous a Warboss with five Nobz is. Another is how devastating Rapid Fire can be. After this I fought two more with the same forces on similar terrain. As long as I killed most of the Nobz with guns and kept my dreadnought alive more than one round, I crushed them. One annoying thing was that when the Deffkoptas fired at my Castellan they got two hits. I had given him Artificer armor so he had a 2+ Sv, I got snake eyes.

Next I'll play something with objectives and put up that report, though probably in a different format. For the Emperor!

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