Mar 4, 2011

Fighting Company Devjon

This blog is dedicated to my new Warhammer 40k army, Fighting Company Devjon. It is a Black Templar army and as a warning I have been strongly influenced by Marshal Laeroth in my planned designs so it may rub against the grain for some people as it is focused on shooting more than assaulting. You've been warned.

Now, so far I have only the contents of the Assault on Black Reach box set, Black Templars Codex, and some painting equipment. It is somewhat dissappointing because there are no extra bits. The Dreadnought only has a multi-melta and a close combat arm with storm bolter. So even though I wanted to equip it with a missile launcher and lascannon, I can't; nor can I give him searchlight or smoke launchers. You get ten marines, one with a missile launcher, one with a flamer, one with chain-sword and bolt pistol, and seven with bolters. I was hoping to have two with missile launchers and two with meltaguns. This applies also to the terminators and commander. The commander isn't such a problem as he has what I wanted him to but I was really looking forward to equipping two of my terminators with cyclone missile launchers.

But, this was still a great deal, I got something like $120 worth of figures plus the rules, some templates, and a scatter die for about half that once I sold the orcs that came in the set. So a very good deal over all, especially as my first set. But not worth getting more than once.

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