Mar 24, 2011


I've been playing around some more with facing the Ork army from Assault on Black Reach. I fiddle with my list to make it come out at 450 points (that of the orcs) and I've learned something (which is the whole purpose of playing these games).

Using a base list of my Crusader Squads and my Emperor's Champion lets me pick either my Terminator Squad or my Dreadnought and Castellan. I've tried the Dreadnought/Castellan approach and it always ends in a draw or a loss for the Black Templar. But just recently I tried the Terminators instead.

Now, it might have been the table, it might have been luck. But both games were great victories. In the first one I killed the entire Ork army. In the second one I killed all except for three of the Nobz and my Terminators survived being charged by both a squad of Boyz and the Deffkoptas, finally defeating both on their own before coming to kill some Nobz.

Why have I posted this? Well, for one is to let me practice my writing skills. But the other is to let me give my impression of Terminators.

Terminators are very expensive. But they are also worth the cost to a certain extent. Having thirty Terminators in your army, while impressive and awesome (I want to try that now), is not being cost effective. That's 1,200 points. Granted, you can fit this into a 1,500 point game but they won't do what those points could if split up.

Is 200 points worth a squad of Terminators? At low points, very. At higher points, it isn't that expensive, so yes. But keep in mind, they are better when you give them something. Personally, I like either Assault Cannons or Cyclone Missile Launchers combined with Tank Hunter. Either one is a valid choice for taking down light armor as well as being a threat to infantry.

But that is just my opinion. In the next few days I'll get back to Sword Brethren.

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