Mar 4, 2011

Current Army list

Alright, my army. I just thought that whoever is reading this might be interested in what I have set up, so here it is.

HQ: Castellan Devjon: Artificer Armor, Crusader Seals, Master Crafted Combimelta, Melta Bombs, Power Sword.

Elite: Dreadnought (Redemption): Multimelta, Close Combat Arm, Storm Bolter.

Elite: Sword Brethren Terminators (5): 5 Storm Bolters, 4 Powerfists, 1 Chain fist.

Troop: Crusader Squad (5): Missile Launcher, 4 Bolters.

Troop: Crusader Squad (5): Flamer, 3 Bolters, 1 Chain Sword, 1 Bolt Pistol.

Total: 629.

I could add in a few things to increase the points, but I would rather have this amount of points for this many minis and only increase it when I get some more.

Not much to speak of right now, I've got my Castellan to improve my leadership as well as beef up on of the squads with some anti-tank and close combat ability. The Dreadnought should make for a good core during the battle and should be more than capable in handling almost anything thrown at it, except for long range fire power. Terminators can back it up or provide serious support for my two Crusader Squads. As for the Crusader Squads they won't be doing much as of yet. I can use the missile squad to hold an objective near me while the flamer squad can advance to take a different one, with help from m Castellan, of course.

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