Jul 16, 2011

I return, and two realizations.

I’m back.

I had an amazing time this year and I even had a night off each week (Woo-Hoo!). We only had two days that we changed the schedule due to the heat (rather than the 5-7 from previous years) and not a single negative comment from any of the scouts or scout leaders in their reviews. Not a single one! A phenomenal success.

But now back to more important things. :)

Alright, I apologize for waiting so long to post but I got out of the habit during Scout Camp and it took a while to get back into it. I finally began to return to the swing of things yesterday when I went to B&C to check a personal message I had received. The message directed me to a thread I had commented on a few times and from there I got busy. But it made me realize something:

No matter how much you love a hobby, no matter how much work you have put into it, no matter how set it is in your routine, there are always chances to go do something else that will pull you away. But if someone asks you about something, or asks for help or simply tries to discuss the particular subject, then you will continue with it. Community does wonders.

But now to the meat of this post. It has to do with an article recently done by Nikephoros. He was talking about Offense vs Defense and how it affected his Metric system. His focus was primarily about how Defense and Durability is limited primarily by points, whereas Offense or Destructive ability is limited more greatly by the Force Organization Chart.

But what I found most interesting was the illustration he used with MSU. Using the Max Bodies approach, you could have 4 Crusader Squads of 8 Initiates and 2 Neophytes with Frag Grenades and a Power Weapon in a Rhino for 904 points. Or you could take 6 Crusader Squads of 5 Initiates with Frag Grenades and a Power Weapon in a Rhino for 918 points. But the second choice is not less survivable, they have 2 fewer Initiates and no Neophytes but you do have 2 more Rhinos in addition to the extra Power Weapons. So you gain 2 Power Weapons, but lose a minor amount of survivability.

I know this may sound obvious to you, but to me this is an amazing thing…humor me, I’m easily entertained.

Sometime next week I’ll post a list that I’m trying to work on. It is an important list so I’m putting a lot of effort into it. Until then, have fun!

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