Jul 17, 2011

Uphold the Honor of the Emperor.

Okay, I was just looking at one of the Primer articles on YTTH and noticed in the recent comments that Stelek had posted something about Black Templar. Being a fanatic, I went to check it out.

He had made a list that used Lascannon/Heavy Bolter Predators with PotMS to fire each of the guns at their preferred targets. I had thought of that before but not too closely and didn’t try out a list that utilized them because of the price they come by. But what was interesting about it was that he had chosen ‘Uphold the Honor of the Emperor’.

Now, I normally despise that Vow. At the cost of cover saves you get a measly 6+ Invulnerable save. If you want a cheap Vow then Abhor the Witch is just 10 more points. But he made a comment about it. “Why Uphold? Meh, they wanna fire [censored] missiles at your Marines, go nuts. The vehicle swarm thanks you…” -Stelek

At first I was kind of curious about why he specified missiles, then it hit me. We gain cover saves only against weapons that are AP3 or better. Which is limited to (in our arsenal) Lascannons, Melta, Plasma, and Krak Missiles. Plasma excepted sometimes, those are all weapons that would be doing much more good aimed at vehicles. He had 6 Razorbacks, 3 Predators, 3 Land Speeders, and a Dreadnought. So you won’t have trouble not being able to take cover saves (if you do, then you are already going to lose and a few saves won’t win the game…probably). In fact, you don’t even have to worry about placing them in cover at all, which means you can get positions which afford greater vantage points or more protection against enemy melee units.

Uphold the Honor has a use and a place that it did not have before. Would Abhor be a better option? The only way he could get Abhor would be to decrease his Anti-Vehicle fire, which he is kind of light on since he has Heavy Bolters on all of his Razorbacks and his Land Speeders aren’t Typhoons. But that’s all I have for now.

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