Jul 29, 2011

Painting Challenge work.

About a week ago I accepted a challenge over at B&C to paint an addition to my army. It had to be at least one complete unit but had no maximum limit. Of course, there is a deadline and if you fail that deadline a banner will be placed in your signature telling everyone that you have failed. On the other hand, if you succeed then you get a different banner proclaiming your triumph. I vowed to complete a Chaplain in Terminator Armor and two Drop Pods.

The Chaplain took me about...two and a half hours total from unpackaging him to painting and basing him though I could have gotten it done a half-hour earlier had I used a quicker drying glue on his base. The Drop Pods are taking longer. First I had to assemble them (which I have done, though it was not the most enjoyable part) and then I had to prime them for painting. I do not like painting an entire figure Black, it just gets tedious; would I have attempted an entire Drop Pod then I might have gone mad, you never know. Instead I purchased some Black Spray Paint for a buck and used that. I am still working on that part since I need to allow the paint 24 hours to completely dry before adding more than the second coat or else it will wrinkle.

So once they dry I will begin painting them with the other colors. I need White on various parts, I need to get the highlighting done, I need to paint the wires and buttons and what-not, and it should take me only about 3 hours of work.

Remember, the Deadline for the Painting Challenge is August 21st, I need to get painting!


  1. lol! My deadline to paint my ENTIRE army is August 26th. I think I can do it. Just going to need lots of midnight oil (and maybe a tiny sacrifice on quality). Good luck to you! :D

  2. Me? I'll get done in a few days, I just forgot to turn on the Sarcasm Font. You need the luck! :D