Jul 22, 2011


For any who don't know: Vassal is a program that allows you to simulate a game of 40k. It uses sprites instead of Minis and has all kinds of neat-o things like a system to calculate hits and wounds, a dice-roller, and so on. While it does not replace actual games it does allow, if you are like me and don't have a built army yet, to get some practice games with lists that you have made.

I have already been enlightened to a couple of things, such as how a list I'm currently trying to improve plays and how I like it as well as a few things that needed to be fixed on another of my lists.

I might get a Battle-Report in sometime, we'll see. But that's all for now.

Oops, I almost forgot. Since I talk about how cool Vassal is, I might as well provide a link to where you can learn more/install it.


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